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47th birthday celebration

Barely recovered, it was off to Queensway for Rachel and Ricky’s birthday meal (again, dreadfully belated). All the appropriate items were on the menu and excellent evening was had by all.

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expose the young

The Martin Creed was such fun we decided to take Ricky. He loved MOTHERS, thought the explanation was very funny: ‘when you’re small your mother is always big. So it seemed like a good reason […]

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l(a)unch for lea

On the day she was predicted to arrive, we had a launch-lunch for Lea (that’s Lee-ah) Alexa Cressey, Dan and Emily’s new small person. She’s already two-and-a-half weeks old, and Gwyneth, Rachel and Ricky, and […]

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seaside treats 4

On the Friday, it was Whitstable. Jane H was going to come, but had too much stressful stuff to sort, so Robin came instead. The tickets had to be used, as they were bought with […]

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gallivanting 1

Robin found the perfect place for my birthday treat – a two-night break in a boutique motel by Camber Sands (to be fair, an ex-motel). Suitably blue-and-white-striped, with distressed white-painted furniture and very comfortable beds, […]

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more birthday

Dan and Em, as well as cooking a fantastic meal for us, presented me with this wonderful object. As I had to guess what it was for, everyone else will, too. And the Haitian music […]

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