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seaside treats 4

On the Friday, it was Whitstable. Jane H was going to come, but had too much stressful stuff to sort, so Robin came instead. The tickets had to be used, as they were bought with […]

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grand stations

Exploits in Istanbul 8.2 Project 2: to visit the two grand railway stations in Istanbul, the one European, the other Asian. The trains used to be put on a ferry and shipped across the Bosphorus, […]

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high places

Exploits in Istanbul 3.3 Up the Golden Horn by ferry and a climb through the cemetery for a trendy coffee. Then back by funicular and bus for a drink on the terrace bar at the […]

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transport tales

Exploits in Istanbul 1.3 The third oldest underground railway in the world, built in 1875, a funicular that runs up from Karakoy to Tunel. Brunel’s Rotherhithe tunnel is older, but you can’t see nearly as […]

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