expose the young

The Martin Creed was such fun we decided to take Ricky. He loved MOTHERS, thought the explanation was very funny: ‘when you’re small your mother is always big. So it seemed like a good reason for this to be big… and scary.’ And he had a wonderful time in the balloon room – and looked at some of the other pieces on his way around, so a real achievement.


Then it was down the river on the riverbus, over the stupid Boris-vanity-project cablecar (which is no more a method of transport than the tricycle rickshaws in Covent Garden – there was a queue for it, and they weren’t even filling the, oh dear, gondolas full). And then fish and chips and home, all of us happy.


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  1. Rachel cressey May 11, 2014 at 1:35 pm #

    Ricky looks like he was having so much fun!! xx

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