… beats the heat of the noonday sun

Panhandler, New York, 1970, to passer-by on hearing he only has a dime in his pocket.
As reported by Robin. We can’t find any reference to the origins of the expression, but if anyone knows more, do let me know.


I write to friends privately a lot, but blogging is so public – and I can’t see why anyone would be interested in what I get up to anyway. I don’t like the profusion of twitter and facebook, an awful lot of which seems totally self-absorbed. But circumstances change, and it seemed a nice idea to have a place to put together the good bits for all Rabbit’s (my) friends and relations to see. I trust that I’ll be told if it’s boring, embarrassing or both.

I’ll be filling in the gaps with backdated posts, so apologies if some are versions of messages I have sent by email – there’s rather a lot to catch up with.


The other excuse is that I’ve been meaning to explore WordPress as a way of building sites for small clients, so this seemed a good way to learn. It turns out to be rather up my street – I like the nerdiness of coding, and the way the system works can be seen as all about subverting rules. The * page is meant to be a repository of my discoveries and reminder to myself of what I did on the way. So of interest to very few… but please let me know if anything doesn’t work.

If weird things appear and disappear it will be because I’m using it as a test-bed – maybe to make a gallery of more pictures than I want to put in posts, or for discrete projects.


Probably a little chaotic.

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