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more drawing again

Our visits are somewhat sporadic, but I’m still getting a lot out of our life class in Hampstead. It really pays to go regularly, and I think so far I haven’t had one repeat of […]

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more great colour

Cousin Polly (or Cecilia) and her husband Mark were over from California, and turned up with a bunch of brilliant red flowers whose name I have gone completely blank over. They weren’t red on the […]

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drawing again

Jane R has found a drop-in life class in Hampstead. A terrific model – but drawing could do with improvement; I still manage to run out of space on the paper. I’d forgotten how exhausting […]

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ponds, ponds

It’s been the most amazing summer for the ponds (the ladies’/women’s/wimmins’ pond). More visits this year than the last five together. I’ve been on my own, with Marion (ice cream and strawberries), with Alice (despite […]

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judith’s flowers

Judith came, bearing flowers specially selected for their colour… she didn’t know the kitchen had turned yellow. It meant I had to do what I’ve been meaning to for ages – explore Brushes on the […]

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