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The kitchen has finally moved out of my workroom. The boxes of stuff that have been lurking since the work started in April have gone to new homes, and I had to make a start […]

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hysterical laughter

The only reaction when your blog is supposed to be a blog of the good bits exclusively. Reconnecting the dishwasher proved a bad idea. Three-quarters of an inch of water all over the floor by […]

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more food and friends

Another kitchen launch and celebration with Sarah, blasting the neighbours with the wind-up – Ink Spots, Everley Brothers, Paul Robson, and as the grand finale The Modern Diver by Mr Flotsam and Mr Jetsam. New […]

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more kitchen

We have back doors. It may be three months since the job started, but they are lovely – a greyish blue, and they slide! And don’t have huge windy gaps!

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kitchen again

Four-and-a-half weeks into our five week job and the unpicking has uncovered stuff we guessed might be a problem and some surprises, like the party wall which wobbled when the builder leaned against it, and […]

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One apex of our kitchen polyhedron (the others are in the top spare bedroom, the front room, Ricky’s bedroom and just about anywhere else). The corner of the back extension was removed while we were […]

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