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expose the young

The Martin Creed was such fun we decided to take Ricky. He loved MOTHERS, thought the explanation was very funny: ‘when you’re small your mother is always big. So it seemed like a good reason […]

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great finds (1)

Exploits in Istanbul 4.1 Having done our tourist duty at the Blue Mosque (very big and very splendid), we plotted a way of getting ferries and buses to a couple of places up the Bosphorus […]

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high places

Exploits in Istanbul 3.3 Up the Golden Horn by ferry and a climb through the cemetery for a trendy coffee. Then back by funicular and bus for a drink on the terrace bar at the […]

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asian side

Exploits in Istanbul 2.2 Ferries must be ridden, so they were, over to the Asian side. We went over to Kadiköy and walked across the neck to see across the bay towards Fenerbahçe. One of […]

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We took Tim’s father’s paintings to Damian in Cambridge so that he could photograph them. It was a doubly successful delivery trip in that Robin had found somewhere which would take all the old computer […]

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gower 3

Another essential thing to do – take the van across on the transporter bridge at Newport. It’s now a carefully restored tourist attraction, but lovely nonetheless.

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