126th birthday celebration

It had been going to be a 100th birthday party (50 + 50, rather a long time ago), but Jane R and I never got round to it. So we decided we’d have a truly extravagant 126th celebration – lunch at Heston Blumenthal’s Dinner. The food is all reinterpretations of old English dishes – this is the meat fruit, paté inside what looks just like a mandarin skin.


It was spectacular, and even better, entirely charming. Despite being in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel which you might imagine would be stiffly smart, it was very relaxed, with waiters who were totally happy to explain the food or answer questions. These are my sweetbreads; Jane R had a perfect pork chop.


Brown bread ice-cream such as you have never eaten before; the other pud was a sozzled brioche with spit-roasted pineapple. After that we felt so outrageously satiated we were obliged to walk to get to next appointments, through Hyde Park, along Oxford Street and up to Warren Street .

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