cisterns and bazaars


Exploits in Istanbul 3.2

The Grand Bazaar is a collection of wonderful buildings full of lots of stuff. But the streets below had some gloriously disturbing child mannequins. Lots more, but these are the best/scariest.


Before that we went and inspected the cisterns – as wonderful as everyone said. Built in the 4th century to store the city’s water, they were discovered in 1545 because a Frenchman noticed the residents pulling buckets of fish up through the holes in the floors of their houses. The only disappointment is that there are walkways instead of boat trips now.

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  1. Jane April 5, 2014 at 2:34 pm #

    Dolls HORRID! like the clacking steel toothed ones in Barbarella – creepy! Cisterns LOVELY! how amazing!

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