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Exploits in Istanbul 6.1

After a morning of useful things – doing the washing and buying stringy cheese and artichoke hearts (but not Turkish waiters’ trays, as although the tray bit comes off, the tripod part is brazed solid so I can’t pack it) – we worked our way up the Bosphorus to Ortoköy for a very late and not too inspiring lunch. But later in the afternoon we got to Istanbul Modern. The building is old industrial space with a stunning view across to Sultanahmet over the Horn, and the permanent display is fascinating. Attatürk sent all the artists off to Europe and you can see the influences right though the late twentieth century – all happening just a little bit later in Turkey than in Europe. You do wonder where Turkishness has got to… And the cafe bar is glorious. Eat your heart out, members’ room at Tate Modern.

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  1. Liz Lynch April 3, 2014 at 6:12 pm #

    Will you be spoiling us with a photo of yourselves in front of some -thing/where/one interesting? I am learning so much about a place that I know little of. Thanks.

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